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The interplay of technology, ergonomics and design
The interplay of technology, ergonomics and design places your patient at the center of attention. Sophisticated kinematics and the highly varied range of adjustment options enable you to adjust the patient’s chair to the body size of your patient, irrespective of whether child, adult or person with restricted mobility, and in this way create an environment in which they feel comfortable.

1. Super-sensitive height adjustment
The patented kinematics of the patient’s chair provide gentle, precision height adjustment. Neither starting nor stopping are noticeable. The patient is lying in a comfortable and relaxed position. Depending on requirements you can choose between a high- or a low-speed mode.

2. Ergonomic headrest
Both the extension and the angle of the ergonomically formed headrest can be adjusted easily at the push of a button. During this procedure, the kinematics track the patient’s natural neck movement and ensure that the head is resting in a safe position.

3. Variable backrest height
The fully extendable backrest guarantees an individual adjustment to all patient body sizes.

4. Synchronized backrest adjustment
The new Soaric synchronized mechanism with combined movement of backrest and seat guarantees optimum sitting and lying comfort during every phase of patient positioning. This provides anatomical support for the patient‘s spine and prevents any stretching or compression in the area of the back.
Easy mounting and dismounting of the chair
Soaric is equipped with foldaway foot section and armrest to make mounting and dismounting the chair very easy. Particularly suitable for older patients and those of limited mobility while at the same time allowing intensive patient consultation.

This model, with its comfortable Soaric synchro-mechanism, also supports the patient's spine. With a seat height of only 380 mm in its lowest position and a foot section which can be folded away by 90°, this treatment unit offers your patients easiest possible access. Nevertheless, operating height adjustment is still possible up to 800 mm, ensuring that you have optimum ergonomic working conditions.
Minimum footprint with maximum movement area.
The flexibility of the operator’s and assistant’s element makes Soaric ideal for treatment by individuals and particularly suitable for working in a team. Instruments are ideally located within easy reach and can be passed easily between practitioners according to situation during 4- or 6-hand treatment.

1. Maximum legroom
The slim design of the backrest provides you and your assistant with optimum legroom and access to the patient. This ensures relaxed, safe and precise treatment in all treatment positions.

2. Innovative instrument holders
The instrument holders with horizontal adjustment ensure that you can intuitively remove and replace the instruments safely. The patented hose strain relief minimizes strain on hand and finger muscles and helps ensure precise and non-tiring treatment.

3. Precise focusing
The slow-speed mode of the patient’s chair allows millimeter-precise focusing of the treatment area. This is particularly important if you are working with a microscope.
Easy to use navigation
Soaric makes it really easy for you to use the operator panel:
With the non-reflecting LC touch display, you can call up all functions on the treatment unit at the push of a button, carry out your own individual settings and store them to memory. This applies for the settings of the patient‘s chair, the instruments, foot control programming and automated cleaning and maintenance processes.

The LC touch screen display can be transmitted to the monitor in full-screen mode or with fourfold enlargement. If the treatment unit has been integrated into your network, you can display the data from your practice‘s PCs on the Soaric monitor in so-called „PC mode“. The data can be processed using the trackpoint on the operator panel, the foot control or a connected mouse.

1. Turbine
After removing the turbine, you have the possibility of selecting spray, light and hose strain relief separately and setting a variable or constant speed.

2. Micromotor
You decide on the settings, light, spray, speed, rotational direction and reduction and multiplication. As an option, Torx SII-R functions as endodontic motor with integrated apex locator.

3. Scaler
Light, performance and spray can be selected separately in scaling mode.
Implemented in an intelligent way.
1. Safe dental prostheses using guided implantology, thanks to Soaric’s “implant mode.”
Soaric’s integrated implantology motor supports a wide range of indications, from implantology to oral surgery and endodontics. As soon as you switch it on, Soaric runs through the entire treatment sequence, step by step, using its intuitive navigation interface. The individual stages are displayed clearly on-screen.

The star feature: you can save the treatment sequences for as many as seven dental prostheses manufacturers using the control panel.

2. Powerful implantology motor
The MX-i, the most powerful implantology motor made by Bien-Air, has an impressively low weight (119 g) and an equally impressive range of speeds – 100 to 40,000 rpm, making it the ideal flexible tool for a many different indications. Throughout the entire treatment process it is highly convenient to use and offers maximum safety at all speed ranges. Its LED lighting, adjustable up to 38,000 lux, ensures a clear view of the treatment field. It scores in terms of hygiene too: its hermetically sealed surface makes it very easy to sterilize for the next task.

3. Peristaltic pump
With a feed rate of 30-150 ml/min, the peristaltic pump guarantees the ideal saline supply during treatment. The insertion mechanism satisfies the requirements of hygiene directives while making the process of treatment preparation so much easier.
Foot control - All-rounder with control comfort
Irrespective of what configuration you are used to for your foot control, the Soaric‘s cabled foot control with safe transmission enables you to take over your habits and settings and configure the foot control buttons to suit your own individual needs.

Using the LC touch display you can program the foot control and store your own settings. In this way, you can operate the patient’s chair, instruments and OP light to suit your specific treatment methods.
OP Light - Optimum lighting for precise treatment
The OP light LunaVue LD excels with its large field of light and an even, shadow-free illumination of the working area. The high light intensity of 30,000 Lux at a color temperature of 4,200 Kelvin generates a natural light.

Motion detectors on the underside of the OP light enable you to switch the light on and off without contact – as an option also possible optionally this can be done using the foot control or the operator panel.
Assistant‘s element - Space-saving, multi-positioning.
The telescope extension with height adjustable swivel arm can always be moved into the ideal position, for solo or team treatment.

The sleek design even allows positioning between assistant and patient. The patient’s chair, OP light, suction, cuspidor rinsing and tumbler filling functions are all controlled from the operator panel. The saliva and spray mist ejector have an additional slide control so that the instruments can be controlled simply and easily by you.


Soaric is available in different models, but with consistent quality.

  • Floor-mount delivery
    Floor-mount delivery
  • Over-the-patient (suspended) delivery
    Over-the-patient (suspended) delivery
  • Foldaway foot section
    Foldaway foot section
    - Version for floor-mounted and over-the-patient delivery
    - Makes mounting and dismounting the chair very easy
    - Straight sitting position for patient consultation

  • - Instruments out of view of the patients
    - Minor place requirement
    - Perfect accessibility for the patients

  • - Operator's element floats over the patient
    - Optimum ease of access to the instruments
    - Perfect accessibility for dentists and assistants
  • Basis version
    Patient’s chair

    - Oil hydraulics
    - 4 separate patient’s-chair programs
    - Slow-speed mode
    - Foot control
    - Double-jointed headrest
    - LED operating light LunaVue CL-30

    Water element

    - Manually swiveling cuspidor with automatic cup refill and optical cup-fill detection
    - Quick-connect terminal for providing devices (compressed air, water)
    - Warm water boiler for instrument spray and mouthwash water
    - Integrated hose flushing system for all water-conveying instrument hoses (in accordance with RKI 4/2006)
    - Integrated disinfection system for the regular disinfection of all water conduits (for Bilpron from the firm Alpro)
    - Integrated disinfection system for suction hoses
    - Sterapore microfilter system for fresh water and compressed-air supplies

  • Operator’s element

    - 5 swiveling instrument holders (thermically disinfectable, autoclavable)
    - LCD touch-screen display and “shortcut” function keys
    - Instrumentation
    First connection for pneumatically driven instruments (such as turbines, air scaler and air motor) including instrument hose DIN Midwest 4-holed with light (not including handpiece, not including quick-release coupling)
    - First micro motor connection including instrument hose and Torx SII-O-LD micro motor with LED light (not including straight or contra-angle handpieces)
    - Multi-functional syringe WS-12N-IP (warm, without light)
    - AT AR anti-suck-back mechanism for pneumatically driven handpieces
    - USB-connection on the operator's element so as to allow connecting e.g. intraoral camera, USB mouse, thumb drive etc.

  • Assistant’s element

    - Assistant’s element with variable instrument holders and operator panel
    - Spray-mist suction device, adjustable (quick-stop), incl. adapter fitting for 16 mm vacuum tips
    - Saliva ejector, adjustable (quick-stop)
    - Multi-functional syringe WS-12N-IP (warm, without light)


    - Standard fittings
    - Silicon tray sheet
    - Consumables and installation material

  • Instruments

    Operator's element

    The swivelling operator's element can be adjusted to suit the height of the practitioner and allows safe choice and replacement of instruments. In addition, the instrument holders can be swiveled and offer even more freedom of movement. The instrument holders can be used open or closed depending on requirements. The integrated switch-in hose strain relief takes the strain off your hand and finger muscles during treatment. Instrument parameters are controlled using the operator panel.

    You may stock up to seven instruments, including 2 turbines and 2 micro motors.

  • Multi-functional syringe
    Multi-functional syringe
    - Integration into operator's and assistant’s element
    - Available also in an LED version
  • Turbine – TwinPower
    Turbine – TwinPower
    - Double-impeller technology with 18 - 25 Watt
    - Head size: ø 9,00 mm - 12,0 mm
    - Weight: 45 - 53 Gramm
    - Push-button chuck for Morita, KaVo, Sirona, W&H, NSK
  • Straight and contra-angle handpieces
    Straight and contra-angle handpieces
    - Straight, blue handpiece (1:1)
    - Red (1:5) contra-angle handpieces
    - Green contra-angle handpieces
  • Motors
    - Air motor – AirTorx
    - Micro motor – Torx-Serie
  • Scaler
    Airscaler - AirSolfy
    - Oscillating frequency
    5,500 – 6,500 Hz
    - Compatible with quick couplings
  • High-performance LED curing light
    High-performance LED curing light
    - output of 2000 mW/cm²
    - effective polymerization is possible in 3 seconds
    - Integration into operator's element

  • Ultrasonic scaler – Ultrasonic Suprasson
    - Scaling with 27 kHz
    - Comprehensive range of tips
    - Equipped with LED light

    Connection to other scalers
    - EMS
    - Satellec

  • Upholstery colors

    Gray L1

    Gray M1

    Gray D1

    Beige L1

    Beige M1

    Blue L1

    Blue M1

    Blue D1

    Green L1

    Green M1



Integration into the practice’s data network

The treatment unit can be integrated into your practice‘s network via the Ethernet connection. There is also a USB port on the operator‘s element.

If the treatment unit has been integrated into your network, you can display the data from your practice‘s PCs on the Soaric monitor in so-called „PC mode“. The data can be processed using the trackpoint on the operator panel, the foot control or a connected mouse. If the treatment unit is integrated into a network, you can also navigate your PC in i-Dixel PC mode using the foot control.

What unit versions are there?

Soaric is available as over-the-patient (OTP) version or floor-mounted (FMT) version. A cart version of the Soaric doesn’t exist. Both versions can be fitted with a foldaway foot section so that the patient can be seated easily without problem.

What advantages does the floor-mounted (FMT) version have?

The floor-mounted version offers a greater degree of freedom and better accessibility for the patient as the operator’s element can largely be left in the working position when the patient is getting on and off the chair. As a result, patients do not feel restricted in their movements.

This also offers advantages for standing treatment on sitting patients. With the floor-mounted version, you have the possibility of attaching a monitor to the operator’s element and the light pole.

What advantages does the over-the-patient (OTP) version have?

The additional tray is fitted directly onto the operator’s element and does not have to be positioned separately. Patients cannot get tangled up in the instrument hoses and hurt themselves or trip up.

What are the advantages of the oil hydraulic system in comparison to the lower priced spindle drive used by a lot of competitors?

The oil drive is quiet and allows softer patient chair movements. In particular in slow-speed mode for focusing the microscope, it Is possible to achieve very soft and minimum movements. In addition, the hydraulic drive has a longer service life than the spindle drive.

What advantages does the Soaric foot control offer?

The multifunctional foot controll provides various operating possibilities such as controlling the patient’s chair or the instruments. Foot control benefits the hygiene process. Functions and switch assignments are easily programmable using the touch panel on the dentist’s unit.

What headrest versions are available?

You can choose between the standard or the double pivot headrest with tilt adjustment (natural movement) or a double-jointed headrest with 2 hinge points. A headrest with motor-driven adjustment is not available.

What advantages are there to the double-jointed headrest?

Comfortable positioning of children and patients with physical disabilities.

What versions of OP light are available?

Only a floor-mounted LED light is available.

What is AT AR anti-suck-back mechanism?

This prevents saliva and aerosols being sucked back out of the patient’s mouth into the turbine and the instrument hose.

Which micro motors can be adapted?

Only quality micro motors TR-SII-O-LD with standardized ISO connection for all standard straight and contra-angle handpieces.

How can I integrate my PC? Can I integrate Soaric into my practice network?

The USB connection on the operator’s element allows easy adaptation of storage media, mouse, keyboard and USB intraoral camera. If you choose a monitor on the operator's element, it is PC-capable. PC control (mouse functions) on the operating panel and foot control is carried out using the pointing device.

What cuspidor versions are available?

A manually swiveling or motorized version.

How can I adapt my auxiliary equipment?

Soaric has quick couplings for compressed air (2.5 bar) and fresh water on the assistant’s side. The water volume can be regulated. A water return, e.g. for hydrocolloid, is available as an option. There is no integrated power connection for auxiliary equipment. This has to be provided externally (e.g. floor socket).

What form of fresh water treatment is used?

A comfortable volume of hot water is always available thanks to the hot water boiler. Intensive sterilization and optional permanent disinfection (Metasys WEK) are possible. Sterapore microfilter system

What possibilities are there for positioning very large and very small patients?

A backrest extendable by approx. 6 cm is available as an option. The double-jointed headrest offers a large number of adjustment possibilities for very large and very small patients, as well as patients with physical handicaps (e.g. hunchback).

What contribution does Soaric make to ecology?

- The appliance switches over to standby mode if not used for any length of time.
- Sterapore water and air filters minimize the amount of chemicals required for water preparation.
- Instruments and OP lights are fitted with energy-efficient LEDs.
- Soaric has a long service life and in this way conserves raw materials.
- Soaric is manufactured in Japan under stringent controls on working and environmental conditions.

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