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LED Operating Light
Bright shadow-free illumi-nation & detachable silicon handle cover
Extendable Headrest
Adjustable positioning for children & adults
Doctor Tray Table
Spacious tray table with 5 instrument holders and first priority system
Foot Control
Easy-to-use one foot pedal with multi-functions
Well-balanced single armrest provided
Junction Box
Convenient for installing the chair unit


  • Doctor side
    Doctor side
    • Doctor tray table with 5 instrument holders
    • High speed air turbine circuit with fiber optic 4H tubing (2)
    • Low speed air motor circuit with 4H tubing (1)
    • Doctor side 3-way syringe with tubing (1)
    • Doctor side multi-functional keypad switch
  • Assistants Side
    Assistants Side
    • Assistant instrument 3 holders
    • High power suction syringe
    • Saliva ejector on assistant side
    • 3-way syringe with tubing
    • Assistant side multi-functional keypad switch
    • Emergency stop by holder bar


  • Spittoon Unit Body
    Spittoon Unit Body
    • Hygienic ceramic spittoon with water basin
    • Sensor-type cup filler
    • Drain cut-filter
    • Manual water control knobs for water basin
    • On-Off switches for basin water & cup filler
  • LED Operating Light
    LED Operating Light
    •  On-Off by automatic positioning
    •  Operating light On-Off by sensor
  • Foot Controller
    Foot Controller
    • Foot pedal for handpieces & level for chair movements
    • Switch for water supply for handpieces
    • Switch for light On-Off
    • One preset positioning & zero position
    • Emergency stop by pedal
  • Armrest
    • Single armrest
  • Junction box
    Junction box
    • Main electric, air & water switches
    • Adjusted to local line voltage
  • Chair Driving System
    • Hydraulic system
    • Two preset positioning & zero position
    • Gargling positioning & last treatment positioning
  • Vacuum System
    • Air vacuum system or motor vacuum system